Singapore Math exclusively at the American School of Murcia

Singapore math is a method for stimulating and developing analytical and mathematical thought which is employed from a very young age with wonderful results.

This method has been shown to improve children’s motivation and performance in a subject which has traditionally not been a favorite, but which is crucial for their future well-being as, according to experts, will have an increasing emphasis on analytical skills.

The media continually praise the virtues of the method with which Jeff Bezos taught his children and which is thought to be the reason for this Asian country’s impressive track record in mathematics.

It is essentially a method using manipulatives which teaches children from a young age to think about day to day mathematical problems, making it a habit to reflect, think abstractly, and inhibiting impulsiveness in the solutions proposed by children.

This method, increasingly used in primary schools in the Madrid Autonomous Community, is particularly effective when applied in an individualized learning context such as the one used in the American School of Murcia. The benefits of Singapore Math for your child will be even greater in a school and learning system adapted to children such as the one we offer at the American School of Murcia.

The best combination for your son or daughter: the American School of Murcia and Singapore Math.

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