1. School Hours

Our school day starts at 9AM and finishes at 4:30PM.

Although we also offer an early morning session from 8-9AM and after-school activities from 5 pm. Classes begin the first week of September and end in June. We offer educational activities during holiday periods throughout the whole year.


2. Own kitchen

Menus designed by the prestigious Juan Llorca (chef) and Melisa Gómez (nutritionist).

Healthy home eating all day
Our dining fee includes mid-morning lunch, lunch and healthy snack.


3. Extracurricular activities

An educational offering designed for each cycle of learning.

Early Childhood Education
Music, Dance, Theater, Robotics, Art therapy.

Primary education
Music, Dance, Theater, Chess, Robotics, Art therapy.

Extracurricular activities are optional and cost 185 euros / month.


4. Holiday school

Our goal is to retain the habits created during the school year via summer and holiday school focused on entertainment and teamwork.

ASM offers their students’ families the chance to participate in sessions with professionals trained by our teaching staff during the Christmas, Easter, Spring and Summer Holidays.


5. Transport

ASM offers transportation services provided by professionals from our center.

Ask and we will design a route that passes very close to your house.
The transport service has a monthly cost, round trip, of 170 euros.


5. Uniforms and School Supplies

Our students wear uniforms, we follow a project based approach, we create a large part of the material in our curriculum so that it conforms to the needs of our children and not the other way around.

Uniforms can only be bought on school premises.


5. Family School

The ongoing individualized work carried out with each family is an essential part of the American School of Murcia’s educational program.

This concept, together with the reduced number of students in each class, allows us to provide mothers, fathers and family members with an ongoing learning experience. 
Our entire team is at the service of our families, to ensure that the skills we work on at school are also cultivated at home and in other areas of the children’s socialization.

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