Private school from 3 years of age until post-secondary education

Personalized education, which respects each child’s individual development process and focuses on their families

American School of Murcia participates in the accreditation process with the New England Association of Schools and Colleges (NEASC). NEASC works with the American School of Murcia to improve our educational quality, supervise our human resources policy, code of ethics, etc.

Education that works!

Our educational programme has been shown to foster students’ self-regulation (soft) skills, performance and achievement.

In particular, it has been scientifically shown that 4 and 5 year old students enrolled in the 31 schools in Madrid trained by our research team on how to foster students’ self-regulation skills improved their performance in math, science and reading by 1,5-2,1 points (over ten) at the age of 6 years old. Additionally, students’ self-regulation skills improved by at least 10 per cent per academic year.

The educational project created by the research team of American School of Murcia improves students’ soft skills from the very young ages, helping children to manage their emotions, develop adequate social skills, ignore distractions and, thus, focus on a task, plan, postpone rewards, etc., while protecting students’ self-concept and cultivating a culture of effort.

That is why the OECD has recognized our educational project as one of the most relevant in order to stimulate these crucial skills in children.

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The only school in the city of Murcia authorized to use the Singapore Math method

The American School of Murcia is the only school in the city of Murcia that uses the Singapore Math method. This method, which is consistent with our teaching principles, helps children to develop analytical and reflective thinking skills, facilitating meaningful learning in math as well as other subjects.

We educate them to be global citizens, with the appropriate skills to develop their full potential

Nowadays, it is essential to learn to manage emotions, frustration, inhibit impulses, delay rewards, maintain attention, solve problems and conflicts, plan, develop critical thinking, creativity, resilience, empathy and compassion, teamwork, etc.

Aprendiendo con American School of Murcia

Why the American School of Murcia?

We help prepare our students for real life, stimulating the development of key skills for personal and professional success using proven methodology.


Summer school

Our Summer School is open to all children, surrounded by nature and with our team of professionals.

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Services ASMurcia offers

Early morning sessions from 8-9AM and after-school activities starting at 5PM. We follow the Spanish academic school year – classes start in September and end in June. We offer educational activities during holiday periods throughout the whole year.


What makes us different from standard private schools?

We are a unique space for learning and development, with a maximum of 20 children per class, prestigious researchers and a unique educational program.

  • A Unique Program in Spain – Developed by the creators of Educar para Ser.

  • Internationally Renowned Team – From universities in Spain, Chile and The United States.
  • Comprehensive education – Respectful of each child’s individual development process and focused on their families.
  • Individualized Teaching – No more than 20 students per class.

Our Values

Our education focuses on integration in a diverse and global society based on respect for each child’s development process, hand in hand with their family, we stimulate the development of skills – soft or self-regulation skills – that are essential for their present and future well-being, all from a solid scientific basis.
Each child is unique. Each family is unique. Education in the 21st century must recognize this singularity and provide an educational offering tailored to the characteristics of each child and each family. In today’s world, quality education is personalized, respects the rhythm of each child’s development process without impeding or forcing others’ development, and incorporates families in the teaching-learning process to integrate habits and skills across all spheres of life. Quality education stimulates cognitive as well as emotional and social development, which represent the three pillars of human development.
We are committed to each child as an individual, not just as a student. We are committed to actively working with each family individually to contribute to their well-being and to integrate the skills and habits acquired in all areas of life. We are committed to respectful, experiential, and demanding education which, based on the recognition of the importance of integral human development (cognitive, emotional and social), allows us to provide our children with the skills and resources that will optimize personal and occupational well-being throughout their lives.
Our educational program has demonstrated scientifically that it improves, from a very young age, children’s self-regulation skills, self-concept, self-esteem, academic efforts and performance at the same time that it improves coexistence among all the members of the school community.
The creators of our educational program are the same researchers that created Educar para Ser, a research project which was identified by the OECD as one of the most relevant in the world with regards to stimulating these crucial skills in boys and girls.

Come visit the American School of Murcia! We look forward to seeing you

Come visit the American School of Murcia! We look forward to seeing you

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